News for Friday, June 27, 2014

  • Risks of Not Understanding a One-Way Function. ->
  • Winnipeg mayoral candidate Bowman touts open data plan. ->
  • 2014: The Year Extortion Went Mainstream. ->
  • Court defends ’21st-century mobile castles’: U.S. ruling protects cellphone privacy and ‘bodes well’ for Canada. ->
  • Special Delivery: Pepper Spray Drones? ->
  • CBSA’s privacy concessions may be smoke and mirrors, lawyer says. ->
  • Exit interview: Ontario privacy commissioner Ann Cavoukian. ->
  • Google starts editing EU search results post privacy ruling. ->
  • Employer's Potential Liability in Class Action for Employee's Breach of Privacy A Good Reminder For All. ->
  • Four cost-effective ways to stay compliant with CASL. ->
  • When it comes to privacy, what is our threshold for outrage? ->
  • Google I/O: Privacy Controls Are Coming In Android "L" As 'Universal Data Controls,' Though Details Are Scarce. ->
  • NDP wants privacy commissioner to look into Canadian info stored in US. ->
  • Residential school survivors must decide the fate of their testimony. ->
  • New privacy enhancements coming to iOS 8 in the fall. ->
  • More CASL Advice from the CRTC… ->

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