News for Monday, July 14, 2014

  • Patients contacted following privacy breach in B.C.’s prescription system. ->
  • Tips For Crafting A Strong Password That Really Pops. #LOL ->
  • Education minister backs off request for disciplinary documents. ->
  • Beware of Keyloggers at Hotel Business Centers. ->
  • Lack of Employee Oversight Leads to Certification of first Privacy Class Action based on “intrusion upon seclusion”. ->
  • Intrusion Upon Seclusion Part 2: Implications for Businesses Across Canada. ->
  • B.C. PharmaNet hit by hacker, 1,600 accounts breached. ->
  • U.S. expats feel sold out by Canada: Tim Harper. ->
  • Privacy, the internet and the impossibility of “the right to be forgotten”. ->

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