News for Monday, July 21, 2014

  • Peter MacKay's Privacy Deficit Turned These Lives Upside Down. ->
  • New app ‘Jink’ marries privacy and location sharing beautifully. ->
  • Toronto woman stunned by police revelation in background check. ->
  • Calling All Hackers: Help Electronic Frontier Foundation Build an Open Wireless Router. ->
  • Telus, Rogers move in right direction on privacy: Editorial. ->
  • US Supreme Court Clarifies Law on Warrantless Cell Phone Searches. Will the Supreme Court of Canada Follow? ->
  • Netflix Is Testing a ‘Privacy Mode’ To Let You Conceal What You Watch. ->
  • 6 ways Apple protects your privacy in iOS 8. ->
  • How will Ottawa respond to court’s reshaping of privacy law: Geist. ->

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