News for Tuesday, August 5, 2014

  • Tor on Campus, Part I: It’s Been Done Before and Should Happen Again. ->
  • Hackers ‘constantly probing’ federal computers: CSEC chief. ->
  • Malware found hidden in Microsoft Windows registry infects a system without installing files. ->
  • 1,628 patients at Kamloops hospital had privacy breached. ->
  • SynoLocker demands 0.6 Bitcoin to decrypt Synology storage devices. ->
  • Two ways small businesses can get around CASL. ->
  • Tor on Campus, Part II: Icebreakers and Risk Mitigation Strategies. ->
  • Pilieci: National Research Council cyber-security breach a sign of bigger problem. ->
  • Visit the Wrong Website, and the FBI Could End Up in Your Computer. ->
  • Canada Agency Beefs Up Security After Cyberattack. ->
  • Google Using Gmail to Catch a Sex Offender Raises Privacy Concerns. ->
  • Acknowledging hacker problem first step to fix it. ->

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