News for Wednesday, September 10, 2014

  • North York hospitals post notices to patients after privacy breach. ->
  • Information commissioner: 'apps are failing to respect user privacy'. ->
  • Critical Fixes Released for Adobe, Microsoft Software. ->
  • From reddit to Pornhub, Websites Slow Down for Net Neutrality on September 10. ->
  • Toronto hospitals to query patients on race, sexual orientation. ->
  • Privacy in spotlight as Apple unveils new products. ->
  • Ernst & Young accused by Canadian used computer dealer of data breach. ->
  • As Apple Moves into Health Apps, What Happens to Privacy? ->
  • Appalling Negligence: Decade-Old Windows XPe Holes Led to Home Depot Hack. ->
  • Fact Sheet: Ten Tips for Communicating Privacy Practices to Your App's Users. ->
  • OPC News Release: Global privacy sweep raises concerns about mobile apps. ->
  • Backgrounder: Results of the 2014 Global Privacy Enforcement Network Sweep. ->
  • From APP-laudable to dis-APP-ointing, global mobile app privacy sweep yields mixed results. ->

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