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Can You Ever Really Maintain Your Privacy?
ABC News – USA
said Jay Foley, executive director of the Identify Theft Resource Center and all-around privacy guru. “All the time.” Just last week, Sens.

Facebook Privacy Controls Unveiled
Half Life Source – USA
The new privacy controls unveiled will allow users to preserve social distinctions between friends, family and co-workers online. The group privacy features

Protecting Poll Privacy
Hartford Courant – United States
The old mechanical-lever machines were hard to beat for privacy. A voter entering the booth pulled a lever and became safely ensconced by three walls and a

Hunter: Privacy? It’s a myth
Knoxville News Sentinel – Knoxville,TN,USA
There is no expectation of privacy in public. At any major intersection of any city, a camera may record your tag number, and you’re instantly convicted of

Defibrillators open patients up to privacy risks
The Massachusetts Daily Collegian – Amherst,MA,USA
and pacemakers have improved the odds of surviving a cardiac arrest, but the new devices may expose patients to privacy and security risks.

Federal panel recommends patient privacy
United Press International – USA
With privacy issues in mind, for example, should a dentist have access to a patient’s records from a psychiatrist? Dr. Marc Overhage, chief executive of

Privacy dispute outrage
Wellington Times – Wellington,New South Wales,Australia
Inmate Sharon Fitzpatrick’s privacy was allegedly breached when she was strip-searched in front of a male officer after transferring from the Dillwynia

Privacy alarm over fingerprinting at Heathrow’s’fifth terminal
Times Online – UK
The Home Office denies having told the Spanish-owned airport operator to use fingerprinting as an extra security measure and the privacy watchdog says that

Can you keep a medical secret?
Indianapolis Star – United States
To best protect their privacy, Overhage said, patients should pick doctors and providers they trust. “They should be confident that the providers and those

At-home tests can offer privacy and convenience
Asbury Park Press – Asbury Park,NJ,USA
A little bit of the doctor’s office is now available in the privacy of your own home. At-home tests for pregnancy and blood sugar have been around for years

MJ Genealogical Society – Privacy Commissioner
Discover Moose Jaw – Saskatchewan, Canada
There will be a presentation from the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner. The topic will be The Freedom of Information and Protection of

re: Will the Inspector General Protect Your Privacy?
Lew Rockwell – Burlingame,CA,USA
Tom, I noticed that the State Department’s laughably low-tech computer system alerted the bosses if a politician’s or celebrity’s file was accessed outside

Casino employees have privacy rights, too
ndianapolis Star – United States

To do so would violate their constitutionally guaranteed right of privacy and possibly even their safety. The same constitutionally provided safeguards

But Cling If You Must To The Illusion Of Privacy
InformationWeek – Manhasset,NY,USA
But my contract with TechWeb limits my self-righteousness to certain decibel levels, which, frankly is quite smart when the subject is data privacy.

US Pres privacy breach
Sky News Australia – Australia
‘If anyone’s privacy is breached they deserve an apology at the very least.’ Senator McCain said. A full inquiry is now underway into what exactly took

Mucca: I’ve got right to privacy
The Sun – London,UK
By EMILY SMITH HEATHER Mills made a bizarre plea for privacy yesterday as it emerged she wants her marriage secrets exposed on a money-spinning tour of US

Passport Security Breaches Show Privacy Vulnerabilities
ACLU (press release) – New York,NY,USA
The only question is: Does the Bush administration have the will to investigate its own employees for privacy violations?” Sparapani said that if there was

The “New Privacy
O’Reilly Radar – Sebastopol,CA,USA
The discussion here is yet another independent confirmation of the new definition of privacy that’s emerging in American culture.

State Dept. privacy practices seen as ‘satisfactory’ in report to
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
In that report, the State Department got a “satisfactory” rating for the quality of its Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) processes, as well as its adherence

Passport system breach highlights shortcomings in agency privacy
GovExec.com – Washington,DC,USA
This incident is “no great shock to the privacy community,” said Ari Schwartz, vice president and chief operating officer of the Center for Democracy and

Help Wanted: Adults on Facebook
CNNMoney.com – USA
First, the adults: Facebook this week took on LinkedIn and other popular networking sites for working professionals with a new set of privacy controls that

Facebook Beefs Up Privacy Options, Intros Online Chat
TMCnet – USA
By Raju Shanbhag Concerned about security for users, especially minors, social networking Web site Facebook (News – Alert) this week introduced new privacy

Students exercise right to academic privacy
Rapid City Journal – Rapid City,SD,USA
But the 18-year old said next year, she plans to pay her own way and might take advantage of the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act,

Two sacked for Obama privacy breach
MWC News – Vancouver,Canada
Obama’s campaign has called the incident an “outrageous” invasion of privacy and demanded a full inquiry. Sean McCormack, a state department spokesman said

NY Online Privacy Push
Huffington Post – New York,NY,USA
He told me the bill is “part of [my] long-term focus on privacy.” He’s also introduced, for instance, a constitutional amendment that would create a right

Global Insight: Two Approaches To Privacy
RFID Solutions Online (press release) – Erie,PA,USA
The European Commission (EC) recently published a draft RFID Privacy Recommendation that, if adopted, would effectively deny the use of RFID for post sales

Even celebs are entitled to health privacy
Los Angeles Daily News – Los Angeles,CA,USA
BRITNEY Spears might not elicit much public sympathy, but she has good reason to be upset about having her privacy violated during her January stay at UCLA

Facebook and March Madness raise privacy concerns
Chicago Tribune – United States
If you recall, Facebook was widely criticized by privacy experts when Beacon launched because the service told your friends what you were up to on other,

Would a National Biometric Authentication Scheme Work?
Slashdot – USA
They say the system would safeguard privacy and people’s personal data far more effectively than paper-based IDs. They also reference the troubled Real ID

State Department warns American spectators at Olympics not to
The Associated Press –
WASHINGTON (AP) — The State Department is advising Americans planning to attend the Olympics in Beijing this summer that they should take care and be

Simon Davies (of Privacy International, and 80/20 Thinking) on Phorm
Guardian – UK
The founder of Privacy International responds to criticisms of his role in Phorm’s present publicity. The following comments come from Simon Davies,

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