News for Tuesday, September 22, 2015

  • Alberta privacy commissioner's office looks into carding by Edmonton police. ->
  • 'Privacy guaranteed' when using Secure Chat Android app to encrypt text messages. ->
  • Fall Election Presents Three Internet Privacy Futures. Why we should press candidates about warrantless data access. ->
  • Windows 10 raises privacy concerns: It may be a free upgrade but 'we pay with our data,' analyst says. ->
  • Linux might solve the privacy problems in Windows 10. ->
  • 7 iOS 9 privacy settings you should change immediately. ->
  • Ontario tables new patient privacy law. ->
  • Ian Mulgew: Court chooses Internet privacy in limiting police access to text messages. ->
  • Error Exposes 1.5 Million People's Private Medical Records on Amazon Web Services [UPDATED]. via @jennbarrigar ->

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