CPR for Monday, March 31, 2008

Exploring Computers & Privacy
Connecticut Business News Journal – CT,USA
In May, a gathering of academics, computer scientists and activists will converge on New Haven to debate legal issues regarding privacy.

Enemies of privacy
What PC? – UK
Stories have quoted no less a luminary than Privacy International’s Simon Davies as saying that “it’sa privacy-friendly technology” and yet still the

IBM leads EU research project to chase the bolting web 2.0 privacy
Ovum – London,England,UK
The project will be called “PrimeLife” – Privacy and Identity Management in Europe for Life – and will comprise an international multidisciplinary

Virtual voyeurism: Who’s watching you on the Web?
San Jose Mercury News – CA, USA
Privacy advocates find this virtual voyeurism disturbing, if not downright threatening. By having such complete and personal data on individuals,

Kara Visits the Tech Policy Summit: Privacy
All Things D Blogs – San Francisco,CA,USA
The privacy panel I moderated was called “Personalization and Privacy: Deciding Who Does What with Customer Data.” And the decision right now on that

Jim Saksa | Facebook – the fall of privacy
Daily Pennsylvanian – Philadelphia,PA,USA
Privacy has changed. The idea that an action witnessed only by a handful of people would remain private to that group is no longer given.

State leads way on RFID privacy
Seattle Times – United States
By Kristi Heim Washington state has passed some of the first laws in the country related to privacy and radio-frequency-identification (RFID) technology.

Google on privacy: You want choice? You got choice.
Siliconrepublic.com – Dublin,Ireland
31.03.2008 – In a revamp of its privacy centre and through multimedia like YouTube channels, Google appears committed to clearly explaining its privacy

UW team researches a future filled with RFID chips
Seattle Times – United States
UW researchers are gaining some valuable lessons on how to make the technology useful while protecting privacy. Radio tags add a new dimension to social

Privacy reforms to cause industry shake-up
Computerworld New Zealand – Auckland,New Zealand
Australia could see its biggest data breaches yet when tough privacy laws clash with a lax security culture. Amendments to the Privacy Act include a range

Data privacy poses obstacle to e-commerce development
Viet Nam News – Hanoi,Vietnam
At the one – day event, leading US and Vietnamese experts gave presentations on the necessity of privacy protection in e-commerce activities, information on

Preserving the privacy of employees
Boston Globe – United States
Without undermining her and losing her trust, what is the best course of action to preserve the privacy of the employees at this company?

Privacy is an open book at home and in society
Albany Times Union – Albany,NY,USA
By ROBERT KELLY-GOSS And so it goes, another day when my tween daughter struggles with privacy issues. It’s a constant refrain in my house,

Electronic Health Records wired for abuse
Boston Herald – United States
No, it’s not a song parody, but a reflection of the poor state of American health privacy – something Bay Staters should think about as their Legislature

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