BC introduces law governing access, privacy of electronic health
The Canadian Press – VICTORIA
The e-Health Personal Health and Information Access and Protection of Privacy Act could eventually create paperless medical offices, allowing physicians to

Microsoft Proposes Comprehensive Self-Regulatory Approach for
Edubourse.com (Communiqués de presse) – Brie Comte Robert,France
Microsoft’s recommendations call for distinct privacy standards in five key circumstances: when site visitors’ data is collected for online advertising,

Microsoft Proposes Privacy Framework To FTC
WebProNews – Lexington,KY,USA
The company responded to a request for proposals from the Federal Trade Commission about Internet privacy with a five-tiered approach to self-regulating

Identity for the internet will balance security and privacy
IT PRO – London,England,UK
Identifying individuals always raises questions of privacy, as concerns over biometric identification and national ID card schemes have demonstrated

Protecting Our Privacy Online
New York Times – United States
The last time I checked, it was illegal to invade my privacy by tapping my telephone, or for that matter, to jam communication lines.

Australian Privacy Awards launched
Secure Computing – Australia
In an aim to increase the awareness of best privacy practices in Australian businesses, the Rudd Labor government has launched the inaugural Australian

Still More Health Information Privacy Breaches Come to Light
iHealthBeat – Oakland,CA,USA
Knapp said privacy experts believe about 53 member files were accessed online. The personal information might have included birth dates, Social Security

gender, feminism, privacy
Harvard University Gazette – Cambridge,MA,USA
Privacy was at issue then too. A 1965 Supreme Court decision, Griswold v. Connecticut, struck down a state law prohibiting the use of contraceptives.

Planning a company social network? Don’t forget privacy issues
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
Does the social network violate the company’s own privacy policy by falling short of privacy principles regarding notice, choice and access?

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