CPR for Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Liberty Alliance Privacy in an Online, Web 2.0 World Webcast
Earthtimes – London,UK
The webcast will review findings and next steps from the ongoing series of global Liberty Alliance privacy summits held so far in Basel, Berlin, Brussels,

Microsoft calls for more privacy
Inquirer – Harrow,England,UK
Advertising practices and privacy notices should be posted on home pages and punters have to give express consent to be linked to third-party advertising.

Va. Sen. Webb to introduce medical record disclosure bill
Daily Press – Newport News,VA,USA
The legislation, which Webb said he will file Tuesday, proposes amending the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act by adding a “safe harbor”

SMS privacy debate heats up, lands before FCC
TelecomTV – London,UK
It all started last year when the abortion pro-choice group, NARAL, text-casted its members about an upcoming political rally. The group’s eavesdropping

European Parliament value individual privacy more than copyright
ITProPortal – London,UK
MEPs have voted against plans to ban internet users who share copyright files from the internet; ISPs and governments did propose a three-strike plan

Privacy Wins Some, Loses Some
GigaOm – San Francisco,CA,USA
While the system doesn’t seem terribly insidious, it is something that could quickly infringe privacy without setting off alarms.

Lines You Don’t Want to See in a Privacy Policy
BBSpot (satire) – Ann Arbor,MI,USA
We care about your privacy. We do not ask children under 13 for personal information, but we wouldn’t mind if they sent us pictures.

Patriot Act cuts into library privacy
2TheAdvocate – Baton Rouge,LA,USA
“Library privacy laws are now trumped by the Patriot Act,” said Judy Platt, director of communications and public affairs of Freedom to Read.

Microsoft Proposoes Online Privacy Policy To FTC
CRN – Manhasset,NY,USA
By Stefanie Hoffman, ChannelWeb In an effort to establish a broad set of regulations regarding consumer privacy, Microsoft has submitted a five-tiered plan

A vexing question for the times: privacy vs. anti-terror laws
New Europe – Brussels,Belgium
In a time when there is never-ending vigilance against the possibility of new terrorist attacks, such as those in London and the Madrid subway system,

Opinion: Vermont EHR Project Falls Short on Data Security, Privacy
iHealthBeat – Oakland,CA,USA
has strict standards to protect the privacy of our medical records,” Allen Gilbert, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Vermont,

Medical Groups Join Call for Web Privacy Protections for Kids
iHealthBeat – Oakland,CA,USA
that many adolescents divulge more information than they realize and do not understand Web sites’ privacy policies, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Microsoft proposes new ad privacy structure
Out-Law.com – London,England,UK
Microsoft has proposed a five-tiered privacy plan that it believes should underpin online advertising. The software giant hopes to influence US consumer

Just An Online Minute… Can BT Regs Balance Privacy and Free Speech?
MediaPost Publications – New York,USA
It puts civil libertarians in a difficult position, but the fact is privacy rights and freedom of speech often end up colliding with each other.

Privacy Laws Change After VT Massacre
Lynchburg News and Advance – Lynchburg,VA,USA
When he applied for admission to Tech, he didn’t tell anyone of his illness and privacy laws prevented Fairfax County public school officials from doing so,

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