CPR for Thursday, April 17, 2008

Chertoff Says Fingerprints Aren’t ‘Personal Data’
Think Progress – Washington,DC,USA
Chertoff’s comments have drawn sharp criticism from Jennifer Stoddart, the Canadian official in charge of privacy issues. “Fingerprints constitute extremely

Quebec and NY to exchange border information
Canada.com – Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
Federal Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart wrote in her annual report that she is concerned about travel-related security programs.

EU privacy chief wants data breach law for business
Out-Law.com – London,England,UK
The privacy watchdog for EU institutions has called for a planned requirement for telecoms companies to publish details of information security breaches to

Nurse pleads guilty to privacy violation
Arkansas Democrat Gazette – AR,USA
Since the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act went into effect on April 13, 2003, there have been 34, 771 complaints of privacy violations,

Colleges can’t hide behind privacy when emergency threatens
The News Journal – Wilmington,DE,USA
The government-mandated privacy constraints that college administrators hewed to regarding the young man’s behavior long before this horror clearly were a

Privacy And Surveillance – Poole Council Snoops On Family
Cross Rhythms – Stoke-on-Trent,England,UK
(In the past few days alone, I’ve had two requests for media interviews on the subject of privacy.) There is a real nervousness in the public sphere;

Phorm Hires Ex-DoubleClick Privacy Officer to Quell Concerns
ClickZ News – New York,NY,USA
By Jack Marshall, The ClickZ Network, Apr 17, 2008 In a further attempt to quell privacy concerns surrounding its controversial technology,

Invasion of privacy
Bradenton Herald – FL, United States
Opponents rightfully describe the bill as an intrusion on a woman’s right to privacy. We strongly agree. And we’re further heartened by Sen.

Balancing privacy, safety and equality
Minaret – Tampa,FL,USA
These queries and their possible solutions impact each and every one of us and will affect the privacy rights of students for years to come.

Behavioural targeting ‘must comply with privacy laws’
Epiphany Search News – Leeds,England,UK
Online marketing strategies that target users based on their web-surfing behaviour must subject to stringent privacy regulations, one expert has said.

Health Information Privacy and Security Week raises awareness of
Washington University Record – St. Louis,MO,USA
The Washington University Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Security and Privacy Offices remind everyone of the importance of

Intrusive web ads fuel privacy row
What PC? – UK
When it emerged last week that BT had secretly trialled a targeted advertising system without its customers’ knowledge, it brought the issue of web privacy

Vodacom calms privacy concerns
MyADSL – Melville,South Africa
Vodacom4me is breaching its privacy policy by forwarding personally identifiable data (my number) to third parties. In the context of the Privacy Policy,

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