CPR for Friday, April 18, 2008

A blow to personal privacy
Toronto Star – Ontario, Canada
The Toronto Star is right to be concerned about the “potential for privacy abuses” in the proposal to take DNA samples from everyone charged with a crime.

Privacy Commissioner visits Cypress Health Region
Prairie Post South Saskatchewan – Swift Current,Saskatchewan,Canada
It’s important that health care providers know procedures and the public knows its rights when it comes to privacy in the health care industry,

Privacy important when it comes to patient health records
Southwest Booster – Swift Current,Saskatchewan,Canada
Saskatchewan’s Information and Privacy Commissioner is hoping all necessary steps can be taken to reassure provincial residents their personal healthcare

Online privacy a concern for EU citizens
EurActiv – Brussels,Belgium
EU citizens believe data transmission over the Internet is not sufficiently secure and are increasingly using technology to protect their privacy online,

Blockbuster Sued Over Facebook Beacon Advertising
PC World – USA
Blockbuster is being sued over its partnership with Facebook and its Beacon marketing program which a Texas woman says violated her rights to privacy.

Phorm answers critics at ‘town-hall’ meeting
ComputerWeekly.com – UK
Critics say this is an invasion of their privacy, and that use of the technology may break several laws. Critics, led by Cambridge University’s Richard

Blockbuster sued for privacy violation related to Facebook Beacon
TechWhack (press release) – New Delhi,Delhi,India
Cathryn Elaine Harris, of Dallas County, Texas has filed a privacy violation lawsuit against video rental company Blockbuster.

New Kennedy Airport scanner sees under clothing
Newsday – Long Island,NY,USA
Faces are automatically blurred to ensure privacy and images are never saved – even if a weapon is detected, Uselding said. A single machine was installed

Google knows users better than they think
Daily Trojan Online – Los Angeles,CA,USA
For years, the Internet monolith that is Google has been attacked by privacy advocates for its lax privacy policies. Early on, Google purposefully assigned

Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
But it has raised questions by privacy and civil rights advocates, who say the screening process is extraordinarily invasive and amounts to a virtual strip

UPDATE: Blockbuster Sued For Using Facebook Ad Program
CNNMoney.com – USA
In the lawsuit, filed in US District Court in Texas , Blockbuster violated the Federal Videotape Privacy Protection Act by sharing Harris’ information with

Another Privacy Alarm on Health Records
U.S. News & World Report – Washington,DC,USA
Another article has echoed concerns that new, online services that store patient records present serious privacy questions. Calling them “patient-controlled

Google, AOL execs: Opting out of targeted ads OK by us
CNET News.com – San Francisco,CA,USA
WASHINGTON–As advocacy groups bristle at online advertisers’ increasingly sophisticated ta
rgeting techniques, top privacy lawyers at Google and AOL on

Real Time Crime Center: Safety Measure or Invasion of Privacy?
Eyewitness News Memphis – TN, USA
Some wonder if it will cross the line into invasion of privacy. “I can see why someone might compare it to Big Brother because you got a high-tech

Privacy Advocates: Consumer Education Isn’t Enough
PC World – USA
The efforts of e-commerce sites and online advertisers to educate US consumers about privacy and targeted advertising aren’t enough because many consumers

UK advertising-tech fight shows complexity of privacy battle
The Associated Press –
Phorm even won approval from a noted privacy activist. And in the meantime, NebuAd Inc., a company with a similar technology, started working in the US

Privacy becoming more elusive for Americans
Christian Science Monitor – Boston,MA,USA
By Alexandra Marks | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor New York – Individuals might treasure their personal data like Social Security and

Health Care Records Are Going Online. Can Privacy Be Maintained?
ABC News – USA
Health information and communications technologies (HIT) will play a vital role in the creation of a 21st century health care system that is safe,

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