News for Monday, April 12, 2021

  • “FlixOnline” claimed that it would let users access Netflix content from multiple regions on their phones.
    Instead,… ->
  • Spotify claims "Hey Spotify" doesn't listen to everything you say ->
  • 500 million LinkedIn profiles scraped and for sale on popular cybercriminal forum, according to news reports. ->
  • Google now tracks users based on interests and demographics derived from browsing history, to enable 'creepy' adver… ->
  • Why You Shouldn’t Use Google Chrome After New Privacy Disclosure ->
  • The demise of surveillance capitalism has been greatly exaggerated. ->
  • Apple's iOS 14.5 Is Imminent. What It Means for Your iPhone and Your Privacy ->
  • When Big Tech says it’s defending your privacy, often its real goal is to squash the competition. ->
  • School custodian refuses to download phone app that monitors location, says it got her fired ->

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