News for Tuesday, April 13, 2021

  • DuckDuckGo announces plans to block Google's new method of tracking users' web activity, called FLoC. ->
  • Victim of Facebook Data Breach Shares Viral Video of FB 'Following' Him 'All Over' Internet ->
  • Account details of 1.3M Clubhouse users published on hacking forum ->
  • Majority of Canadians not using COVID Alert app, study finds ->
  • Chrome Zero-Day Exploit Posted on Twitter ->
  • A browser extension to block FLoC — Google's new method that tracks people using Chrome ->
  • Demeaning Snapchat video taken of inmate investigated by Nova Scotia privacy commissioner ->
  • This video of Facebook being creepy might convince you to ditch the social network for good ->
  • Google's Moves Are A "FLoC You" To Privacy ->
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook compares Facebook to peeping Toms — people "looking in the window and seeing what's in your hom… ->
  • Woman feared ex had access to private health info after Health PEI phone mix-up ->
  • If You Care About Privacy, It’s Time to Try a New Web Browser ->

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