CPR for Thursday, April 24, 2008

Schools face privacy conundrum
Globe and Mail – Canada
As in Ontario, Quebec privacy laws stipulate that McGill may in some cases release medical information to prevent acts of violence.

Marni Soupcoff on Nadia Kajouji, adulthood and the right to privacy
National Post – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
are experiencing mental health problems, Carlton has a solemn responsibility to respect the students’ right to, and desire for, privacy and discretion.

Medical records law feared a privacy threat
Vancouver Sun – British Columbia, Canada
Legislation that paves the way for the collection and sharing of electronic health records will lead to potential patient privacy breaches,

Voices: Medical privacy
Toronto Star – Ontario, Canada
My sympathies go out to not only parents but also to the Carleton University authorities who were caught in a “catch 22” situation due to privacy

New BC health law could lead to privacy abuse
Canada.com – Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
Legislation paving the way for the collection and sharing of electronic health records opens the door for massive privacy security breaches,

Computer privacy protection needed on UW campuses
Leader-Telegram – Eau Claire,WI,USA
After some troubling “computer security incidents” on the UW-Madison campus, it appears a more serious effort is being made to protect the privacy of

PayPal and Internet Privacy: The Three Tests That Must be Met
Gambling911.com – Miami,FL,USA
Well, Edward Leyden, President of iMEGA.org, an online privacy advocacy group recently granted “standing” by a New Jersey Circuit Court, points to three

Student Health Privacy an Issue
Valley Star (subscription) – Los Angeles,CA,USA
The recent privacy breach at UCLA Medical Center, in which an administrative assistant improperly accessed more than 60 medical records, caused major

Important New Jersey Supreme Court Decision in Internet Privacy
CircleID – Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada
Shirley Reid (A-105-06) [PDF]) has issued an important decision on Internet users’ right to privacy. The case involves a dispute about whether an ISP

Verizon Wireless, Alltel defy class-action suit over credit privacy
RCRNews.com – Golden,CO,USA
By Jeffrey Silva Plaintiffs’ lawyers have found a new weapon to pursue class-action consumer litigation against the mobile-phone industry: the Fair Credit

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