CPR for Friday, April 25, 2008

Wacky Canadians Still Believe in Privacy
Washington Post – United States
In an interview with an excessively squeamish Canadian reporter, Chertoff was told: “Some are raising that the privacy aspects of this thing, you know,

Balancing patient privacy with concerned outsiders ongoing
The Canadian Press – TORONTO
TORONTO — It’s a struggle experts say is an ongoing and familiar one for counsellors: balancing between respecting obligations of privacy, confidentiality

More privacy-boosting technology begets more video surveillance
InterGovWorld.com – Toronto,ON,Canada
New privacy-enhancing video surveillance technology developed by the University of Toronto and endorsed by Ann Cavoukian
may bring some peace in the tug-of-war between public safety and

Random searches ruled breaches of privacy
Globe and Mail – Canada
In the school case, the majority found that there is an expectation of privacy in a school environment — albeit an expectation that is less than in some

EDS advises bringing the privacy and security functions together
ITBusiness.ca – Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
The challenges around privacy and protecting personal data in the information age are increasingly tied to technology, particularly when it comes to

Office snooping software attacked by privacy groups
Times Online – UK
Companies are coming under fire from privacy campaigners for rolling out a computer program which enables them to track the communications and contacts of

Stuart Ingis ’93 Discusses Internet Law and Privacy Protection
Hamilton College News – Clinton,NY,USA
Stuart Ingis ’93 gave a talk titled “The Policy of Privacy” concerning Internet law and privacy protection on Thursday, April 24.

The Essential Guide to VoIP Privacy
VoIP-News – San Francisco,CA,USA
What you need to know about protecting the privacy and confidentiality of IP phone calls. by John Edwards | April 23, 2008 People generally assume that

Safety Trumps Privacy as CCTV Prevalence Grows
South Korea
In fact, talk of privacy violation is widely being replaced by hopes for better protection. The number of cameras is rising simply because they help track

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