News for Thursday, November 25, 2021

  • How to Completely Wipe All Data From Your Computer ->
  • Ontario investigating potential security breach associated with COVID-19 vaccine portal ->
  • Think twice before texting your iPhone photos ->
  • Privacy risks in some holiday gifts. ->
  • Ottawa man among two charged after a breach of vaccine booking system. ->
  • Amazon has Been Lobbying Hard Against Privacy Protections – Mostly with Success ->
  • Ontario government employee among 2 arrested after COVID-19 vaccine system breach ->
  • Health ministry wrong to not release N. Ontario abortion info ->
  • Amazon collects the most data about their customers ->
  • Why Facebook’s Metaverse Is A Privacy Nightmare ->
  • P.E.I. privacy laws delaying arrival of 'life-changing' cloud-based dialysis machine ->
  • Québec’s Updated Privacy Law 'Complicates' Cross-Border Data Flows ->
  • Supreme Court of Canada to revisit the right to be protected from police searches at home ->
  • Firm that breached Instagram's privacy rules loses B.C. class-action ruling ->

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