CPR for Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Watchdog monitors Chrysler’s data loss
Toronto Star – Ontario, Canada
However a spokesperson for commissioner Jennifer Stoddart said yesterday the federal agency had not started an investigation after receiving several

Week Ahead in Parliament
Hill Times (subscription) – Ottawa,Ontario,Canada
Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart will appear before the House Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics Committee as it studies Privacy Act reform.

Computers, Freedom and Privacy #18
Wired News – USA
In the areas of privacy, intellectual property, cybersecurity, telecommunications, and freedom of speech, topics that were once confined to experts now

How to Avoid Everyday Privacy Risks
U.S. News & World Report – Washington,DC,USA
By Kimberly Palmer Many adults put their personal information at risk when they engage in everyday activities, including applying for a loan,

AUSTRALIA: Privacy Commissioner seeks input on Voluntary
IBLS INTERNET LAW (subscription) – Irvine,CA,USA
The Australian Privacy Commissioner, Karen Curtis, has released a draft Voluntary Information Security Breach Notification Guide (guide) for public

Former UCLA Hospital Employee Indicted for Patient Privacy Breaches
California Healthline – Oakland,CA,USA
Only a handful of defendants have been criminally prosecuted for breaching patients’ privacy, the Times reports. Mrozek said the investigation is ongoing

Privacy breaches found at baby-surrender sites
Sacramento Bee – CA, USA
services authorities to provide better guidance to the counties to ensure that mothers who surrender babies get the state-mandated privacy protection.

Privacy, shmivacy: How many people can see your medical records?
Medill Reports – Chicago,IL,USA
Electronic records, stored on closed networks, are protected by passwords, firewalls and encryptions, said Anne Herman, privacy and compliance officer at

Internet Use Raises Privacy Concerns
Voice of America – USA
VOA’s Art Chimes reports on the debate over Internet privacy. As more and more people are realizing, we often reveal a lot of information about ourselves

Recent Medical Privacy Breaches Could Disrupt EHR Adoption Efforts
iHealthBeat – Oakland,CA,USA
A recent series of privacy breaches involving medical records at NIH, the University of California-Los Angeles Hospital System, Johns Hopkins University and

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