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Canadian Privacy is not a business enterprise and conducts no commercial activity.

No tracking or analytics software has been installed, and no attempt is made to learn about or profit from visitors to this site.

In reading the website, no more information is collected about you than is normally collected by the base software (Apache, WordPress [Jetpack plugin removed], Akismet and security software).  Your IP address is only used only to compare against lists of known spammers and bots, to maintain the integrity of the site.

The inclusion of the Twitter widget may result in interaction with their website, particularly if you still have an active log-in there via a cookie.

While user registration is currently turned off, it is still possible to leave personal information in the form of comments. Your e-mail address, if provided, will never be shared with anyone. However, any comments left on the site in response to posts may remain indefinitely.

To improve your privacy and overall enjoyment of the web, the following software is recommended:

Google Chrome is not recommended for any purpose except downloading Firefox. Nevertheless, there is also an extension for uBlock Origin if you insist on using a browser made by an ad company.

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